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FBP donates $50,000 to Jackson County for an airport expansion project

JACKSON COUNTY, Ohio -- September 22, 2022 -- On Sept. 20, representatives from Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth (FBP) visited the James A. Rhodes Airport in Jackson to present a donation of $50,000 to support an expansion project. By the middle of next year, new aircraft hangars will be built at the facility, making room for a dozen more tenants.

Fluor-BWXT presented a donation to the James A. Rhodes Airport in Jackson, Ohio, for an expansion project. From left, Economic & Community Development Director of Pike County, Gary Arnett; Airport Manager, Jarrel Burchett; Jackson County Commissioner President, Jon Hensler; Jackson County Economic Development Partnership President/CEO, Sam Brady; Jackson County Commissioner, Paul Haller; Jackson County Commissioner, Donnie Willis; Jackson County Airport Authority Chair, Erik Massie; Fluor-BWXT (FBP) Community Commitment Chair, Tim Poe, FBP President and CEO, Greg Wilkett and FBP Director of Communications, Jack Williams.

The airport receives customers from a number of commercial businesses and private pilots in the area, welcoming the arrival of flights from as far away as Bangkok, Thailand.

“Through our partnership with JEDISO, Fluor-BWXT has invested significantly to develop the economy in Jackson County,” Fluor-BWXT President and CEO, Greg Wilkett said. “This includes infrastructure improvements in the transportation industry. The James A. Rhoads airport connects Jackson County to the rest of the country and world and we are proud to support its continued growth.”

Local businessman and Jackson County Airport Authority Chair Erik Massie said the project is in the planning stages.

“Currently, we are working on the designs,” Massie said. “This expansion could potentially add up to 12 more tenants and allow for restrooms in the new facilities for the convenience of pilots and passengers.”

Jarrel Burchett has worked as the airport manager for the past five years.

“Our facilities offer a 24-hour fueling farm that pilots can use to refuel their aircraft at their convenience. This is something that area airports do not always offer,” Burchett said.

In addition to new hangars, some of the graveled parking lots will soon be paved adding economic value and increasing traffic to the area.

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Fluor-BWXT presented a donation to the James A. Rhodes Airport in Jackson, Ohio, for an expansion project. FBP President and CEO, Greg Wilkett, meets with commissioners and airport personnel to discuss future upgrades.

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