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Fluor presents Silver Medallion Award to Lewis, Setty and Sevens

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio -- September 14, 2022 -- On Sept. 7, three Fluor-BWXT employees at the Portsmouth site received Fluor’s prestigious Silver Medallion for their courage, intuition, and quick actions to save the life of a co-worker who was exhibiting physical signs of a potentially serious illness.

Fluor-BWXT President and CEO Greg Wilkett and Site Project Deputy Director James Miller thank Jim Lewis, Dave Setty and Matt Sevens for their role in potentially saving the life of a co-worker at the Portsmouth site in Pike County, Ohio. They received one of Fluor’s highest awards, the Silver Medallion Medal of Safety award.

The Silver Medallion Medal of Safety is one of Fluor’s highest safety awards and is given to employees who act in a lifesaving manner and assist others in distress, either on or off the job. The award was established in 1992, and recipients embody Fluor’s most vital commitment of protecting each other.

When their co-worker initially refused medical assistance, Maintenance Mechanics Jim Lewis and Dave Setty and their supervisor Matt Sevens convinced him to accept help.

“We rode together every day; he was my tool buddy,” Setty said. “When we saw him, we immediately knew he needed help. His wife called the next morning to thank us, and said the doctors were surprised he even survived the ambulance ride to the hospital.”

Their co-worker received the medical attention he needed and has been recovering at home since last fall.

“We are truly glad you took action,” Fluor-BWXT President and CEO Greg Wilkett said. “This is exactly what we should be doing for our co-workers, for each other. We appreciate your help. One of our co-workers is walking around today because you called medical. That took courage.”

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