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STEAM Ahead gets students excited about science

PIKE COUNTY, Ohio -- March 23, 2023 -- Some Pike County students are getting a lesson in science, but if you ask them they are just having fun.

FBP Engineer Matthew Triplett shares ideas for problem solving with Eastern Elementary students by using 3D puzzles.

STEAM Ahead is an educational program developed by Fluor-BWXT two years ago to introduce young students to a world of opportunity provided by careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

“STEAM is the key to encouraging investigation and curiosity and allowing students to ask thought-provoking questions that promote creativity and exploration, and to connect their problem-solving to real-world solutions,” said Western SEL Coordinator, Jodi Arnett.

The program was piloted at Western Elementary in 2021, and has grown to include new schools each year; Eastern Elementary in 2022, and most recently Jasper Elementary. 

“This year the program is running in all three schools and the response from the teachers and students shows the importance of educational outreach in the community,” said FBP President and CEO, Greg Wilkett. “Our mentors get just so much enjoyment working with the students, and it is a great way to share their knowledge and get the younger generation excited about science.”

Jasper’s technology teacher, Jennifer Buckler, says the program is an excellent addition to their daily learning, “The presentations are challenging and promote problem-solving skills. The introduction to STEAM professions and new vocabulary is an important factor of development that is sometimes hard to accomplish within the classroom setting due to time restraints, completion of state standards and funding.”

The hour-long program features mentors at four stations presenting a variety of STEAM-related activities from chemistry to physics, engineering, water quality, environmental, video editing, virtual reality welding, puzzles, problem-solving, and more. The hands-on lessons quickly get everyone’s attention.

“Our students love the hands-on lessons. When I walk around and observe the lessons, the students are all engaged and actively participating,” said Eastern Elementary Principal, Matt Hines. “You can also see the excitement and enjoyment they get from these opportunities. We appreciate Flour-BWXT for their commitment to providing this service to our students.”

The program is mostly staffed by Fluor-BWXT employees but also includes mentors from Adena Health System, Ohio EPA, Ohio University, Pike County 4-H Extension office and The Ohio State Highway Patrol.

“Adding new mentors is the key to growing our program. We couldn’t do this without them and the involvement from the teachers and school administrators, “said Community Relations Lead Deneen Garner. “This program, while still relatively new, has already shown great success. We hear positive feedback from the teachers and the mentors, but the best part is seeing the spark in the students’ eyes and the smiles on their faces when they discover something new. Being a part of that never gets old.”

Students at Jasper Elementary watch closely as FBP’s Mary Reiman explains pressure using an experiment with marshmallows.

Western students take turns reading off of a teleprompter to record videos about STEAM Ahead day. The students then got a chance to see how videos are edited and view the finished product.

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