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Jodi Jenkins has been at the PORTS site for 9 years and currently works for FBP Transportation as a taxi driver. She has previously been an escort, janitor, and laborer. Jodi resides in Piketon, Ohio with her husband, Don. Her son, Josh Anglemyer and husband, Don, both work on site. Josh is a HP SR. Tech and Don is an electrician. 

“I have lived in Pike County all my life with the exception to military life. I was born in NC where my father, Terry McCreary, was stationed as a jet engine mechanic.  My father worked here for 40 years. I enjoy vacationing and seeing new things, being a Grandmother to 4 grandchildren and car shows where my husband and I, along with my dad, spend quality time together.  I have a natural ability to do floral design and I use that gift to give to upcoming marriages as my gift to them.  I have written poetry all my life and was recognized with WOS international conference with a poem I wrote about the ladies I have been in leadership classes with,” said Jodi.

“I have been very active in my church as well as Women of Steel.  With WOS, I have worked towards fundraising to give to local food pantries in this county and surrounding counties as well.  Also, WOS gave to Children’s Christmas.  WOS have also given coats for winter, blankets to homeless and have marched for equal rights,” said Jodi.

What does she enjoy most about her job at PORTS?

“I get to meet new people all the time while I give tours to the public, DOE, EPA, and elected officials.  I have always been a people person, never meeting a stranger, so I think it is a perfect fit.  I took the job because I thought morale was low and I wanted to boost spirits and try to take their mind off of events of the day by  telling them my “joke of the day”.  I love to make people laugh and smile.  I actually think I get more out of it than they do because I think I am helping.  I learn new facts about the plant every time I give a tour.  It has been a pleasure doing this job knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of people.”


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About Us

Fluor-BWXT was formed to specifically address the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D) Project.

The team brings strong Ohio roots through 70 years of combined project management experience, and 125 years of manufacturing operations both in and outside of the nuclear field.

Combined, our companies have employed thousands of Ohioans across the state and have generated millions of dollars in revenues for Ohio companies and small businesses.