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Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth is committed to being an active corporate leader to the communities that have supported nuclear and environmental remediation missions at the DOE Portsmouth site for more than 65 years.  Our company and our employees are engaged in activities and organizations that enhance the quality of life throughout the area.  Fluor-BWXT invests in economic development, education and charitable giving initiatives that provide the greatest impact to the region.

The Fluor-BWXT Communications team took time recently to spruce up the “Welcome to Waverly” sign as part of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce’s “Beautify Pike County” initiative. Team members picked up trash, trimmed hedges and weeds and planted perennial flowers. Pictured from left, Jack Williams, Kaci Compton, Donnie Locke, Marlo Ridout, Deneen Garner, Michelle Teeters, Cindi Remy and Jeff Pinkerton.

Community Contact Information

For community involvement activities, contact Deneen Garner at Deneen.Garner@ports.pppo.gov
or 740-897-2609. For questions, please call
1-888-603-7722 or email questions@fbportsmouth.com

Have a Question?

Are you a resident of the local Portsmouth community and have a question about our presence and impact on the area? Please do not hesitate to contact us with yout question. We are more than happy to hear from you. Please allow us some time to get back to you.