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Request for Proposal:
Site Wide Rental Equipment

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC, is requesting you provide a Firm Fixed Unit Price proposal for our Site Wide Rental Equipment Contract. Be advised that this is a competitive solicitation.

The solicitation package, RFP-FBP-SC89412, is attached for your review.  Please review thoroughly, as proposal information throughout the solicitation package are key in providing a complete offer.  Also attached, you’ll find the “Master Equipment Spreadsheet” excel file, which is a compiled list of equipment plant site personnel has identified as frequent equipment needed. We ask all final proposals be submitted no later than 5:00pm EST, 01/07/2021. We will hold a pre-discussion conference call on 12/22/2020 to discuss details of the solicitation package. Conference call details will be sent at a later date. The last day for questions will be 2:00pm 01/05/2021. Should your firm decide to “No Bid”, please inform the undersigned with an explanation as soon as possible.

Questions regarding the solicitation are expected and welcomed.  However, please review the document in its entirety before submitting questions.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email or by phone.

Thank you
Trent Arey

TAB B1 Solicitation Package


Master List Equipment Spreadsheet


TAB B4 Amendment 002