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Request for Proposal:
OSWDF Cell Penetration Boxes

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC, is requesting you provide a Firm Fixed Price proposal for the OSWDF Cell Penetration Boxes. Be advised that this is a competitive solicitation.

Please see the attached solicitation package, RFP-FBP-SC88013. A Pre-Proposal Conference is scheduled to take place on July 15th at 12:00pm where questions pertaining to the solicitation can be addressed. The final date to submit questions will be July 22nd, 2020 COB. Also, note any proposal should be returned no later than 3:00pm EDT, July 30th, 2020. Should your firm decide to “No Bid”, please inform the undersigned with an explanation as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Trent Arey at 740-897-2129 or by email at trent.arey@ports.pppo.gov.

RFP-FBP20-SC88013 Solicitation Package Part 1


RFP-FBP20-SC88013 Solicitation Package Part 2