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Community Commitment Plan

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth recognizes the economic challenges facing communities today, particularly those that depend on a primary employer to stimulate the regional economy. We are committed to being an active corporate leader to Portsmouth Site communities that have supported nuclear and environmental remediation missions at the site for more than 50 years.

Prior to developing our Community Commitment Plan, Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth talked with regional leaders, assessed area assets, and reviewed existing studies and initiatives for the site. After consideration of community requests and socio-economic conditions in the Portsmouth area, we designed our Community Commitment Plan to contribute to the economic stabilization and growth of the four-county region of influence (Ross, Pike, Scioto, and Jackson counties) that is most impacted by site operations. We have aligned the Plan with our D&D strategy for Portsmouth, Ohio energy policies, the DOE-EM Energy Parks Initiative, and the local Community Reuse Organization (CRO).

Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth will invest a percentage of our fee in the four-county region. We will use these funds to establish a Community Commitment Fund. Through this fund, we will target 80% to economic development and 20% to charitable giving initiatives that provide the greatest impact to the region. When combined with other contribution sources described in our estimated investment is $1.3M per year.

Download the complete Community Commitment Plan


Fluor-BWXT Community Commitment Plan Dashboard (October 2016)

As a community of contractors serving the Department of Energy, I think I can speak for all of us and say it’s a privilege to work on a site where a government agency places such focus on giving back to the community. DOE-sponsored education programs like Science Bowl and Science Alliance really set the standard for engaging our young people. As the largest employer on the site with more than 1,900 employees and subcontractors, Fluor-BWXT takes pride in leveraging the size and community spirit of our workforce in helping make these and other DOE programs even bigger and better.

Since 2011 Fluor-BWXT has invested $3.6 million of our fee into this community and small-to-medium businesses that are growing jobs and creating financial stability for workers and southern Ohio families. We believe that the way to grow prosperity is through good jobs. It’s not a quick fix, but we have already seen the momentum this approach is building in Pike, Scioto, Jackson and Ross Counties. Additionally, some of those dollars have also gone directly to social and service organizations and local schools where we see the most immediate needs.

On behalf of our team and partner companies Fluor, BWXT and ch2M I’m glad to share this snapshot of our giving. While this chart accurately captures the raw numbers it doesn’t come close to communicating the giving spirit of our people, their commitment to our community and their belief in our site mission.

Thank you,
Dennis Carr
Fluor-BWXT Site Project Director

Community Contact Information

For community involvement activities, contact Deneen Revel at Deneen.Revel@fbports.com
or 740-897-2609. For questions, please call
1-888-603-7722 or email questions@fbportsmouth.com

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Are you a resident of the local Portsmouth community and have a question about our presence and impact on the area? Please do not hesitate to contact us with yout question. We are more than happy to hear from you. Please allow us some time to get back to you.